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We are Corinthian Curtains, bespoke curtain makers in Sussex who have for the last 30 years provided beautiful made to measure curtains for homes and businesses.

Let us know your desired material, colour, measurements and design, and we will personally install your new bespoke curtain in your home - ensuring that your curtains fit properly and are of the quality you would expect from Corinthian Curtains.

We also offer a wider decorator service, from paintwork to glossing, along with supplying roller blinds, shutters, and other supplementary products. Whatever you need, we listen closely and provide an extremely personalised experience.

Bespoke Curtain Maker in Sussex and Surrey


If you are looking for a bespoke curtain maker in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, contact Corinthian Curtains

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Our Bespoke Curtains

Most people come to us knowing what design and colour they want for their bespoke curtains. We simply measure everything out and our independent curtain makers in Reigate and Lindfield produce a bespoke handmade design that perfectly matches your specifications. If you are not sure about what you want, we can run you through a series of samples to help you decide.

    Made to Measure

  Bespoke Designs

  Professional Fitted


A Variety of Colours, Designs and Materials Available

All colours and styles are possible, just let us know . The entire process, from ordering to installation, takes between four to six weeks.

Curtain Maker in Sussex

Bespoke Curtain Maker in Sussex and Surrey






Our Decorator Service

When people want a new room done up, fitting curtains is only one part of the process. That is why Corinthian Curtains also takes care of the general decorating process. This entails wallpapering, paintwork, emulsioning and glossing. We are committed to giving you an immaculate finish that matches the colour scheme of your new bespoke curtains.

Moreover, we also offer a wide variety of blinds along with poles and tracks, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive service.








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About Corinthian Curtains

Operating since 1997, Corinthian Curtains is an independent curtain maker that does everything with extreme care and offers a truly personal touch to our service.

We have studios in Reigate and Lindfield where our bespoke curtain makers in Sussex put together beautiful handcrafted designs.

We are now in a position to share a link with our uk based blind supplier who are able to offer a design service via their website.

With us, you know what you are getting: made to measure bespoke curtains.


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Bespoke Curtains

 Made to Measure

Corinthian Curtains will work with you to make sure your curtains and blinds are made to fit perfectly in your home.

Decorator Service

 Bespoke Designs

We offer a variety of bespoke designs, material and colour variants so that you can find the perfect curtains or blinds.


Decorator Service

 Professional Fitted

The same person comes to your home and installs everything, so you know exactly what to expect. 





Customer Enquiries

Are you looking for a bespoke curtain maker in Sussex, Surrey and Kent?

If so, don't hesitate to call Corinthian Curtains for sensational made to measure curtains.


Telephone:  07712 331306 or 07872 881180